ZP-01 TYPE Hangar Tents
ZP-01 TYPE Hangar Tents


The hangar tents is DEK latest research and development hangar tent series in 2013, applicable to the air force, civil aviation, small aircraft as a temporary or permanent hangars. Hangar tent size can be tailored according to the aircraft size, main feature is the stand design at a high intensity level, (aluminum or steel structure two options) configure PVC insulating tarpaulins, flexible lift door and heat insulation of large-span sandwich steel plate walls, forming unique hangar tents.


1. Build a short, easy to assemble and disassemble.

2. Can be used as temporary or permanent buildings.

3. Durable, wind resistant, flame retardant standards meet European standards.

4. Automatic/manual shutter system for large size.

5. Arched tent power folding.

6. The indefinite extension and the repeated removal of the modular system.

7.100% interior design is available.

8. Can withstand 120km/h (0.7kn/square meters) of wind loads.

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Technical Specifications

1. Structure: hangar tents timbering material selection for high strength aluminum oxide (6061-T6) or Q235 steel construction completed structural stability, good wind resistance.

2. Tarpaulin: both sides of the fire-retardant PVC synthetic fabric, flame retardant standards conform to DIN4102 B1, M2.

3. Tarpaulin weight: 750g-900g/square meters

4. The top snow: snow loading resistance 25kg-75kg/square meters, horizontal supports at the top 5cm of snow.

5. Wind resistance levels: resistance to wind gusts of 120 km/h (wind load 700 n/m²).

6. Wide range of uses: repeated Assembly and disassembly, transport small volume, military or civilian, is the aviation hangar, aviation and other industries the best choice.

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