Company profile

DEK Industrial Door Co., Ltd. (DEK) was established in 2012 in Zhuhai City. With register capital of RMB 5 million and factory area of 8000 ㎡, it is an Industrial Door Corporation providing all round service for customer like: Consultation, solution, design, purchase, fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair. All staff in our company, with the core value of “integrity, efficiency, professionalism, teamwork and self-transcendence” and the mission of “Manufacture large-size industrial doors which are safe, accurate and automatic, make all equipments and logistics work smoothly and freely!” strive to make industrial doors with high technique, high safety standard and high functional quality, constantly promote industrial standard and thus, become the world’s leading large-size industrial door specialist. 

According to the difference of structure and function, Industrial door can be divided into the following type, i.e. Hangar Door, Sliding Door, Fabric Lifting Door, Folding Door, Round-the-corner Door, Bi-folding Door and Guillotine Door. They mainly apply to openings with special requirement, such as all kinds of hangars, shipyard, heavy industrial plant, garbage burning base, military base and port gateway. DEK has been working on studying and designing industrial door for years, and constantly pick up and take in the latest techniques and designing ideas of the world by setting up a professional industrial door research base in Zhuhai, so as to provide our customer with optimum portal solutions. For its rich experience and excellent technique, DEK industrial doors have been successfully applied into practical use in fields like aircraft, shipyard, mining and heavy industry in China mainland, Southeast Asia and African nations, which were widely approved by clients all over the world. 

DEK has offices in Beijing, Africa, and Southeast Asia at present, and it will set up offices in global metropolises to take good care of customer service and ensure technique accuracy and in-time after-sale-service. 

Join DEK, share a brilliant future!

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