Multifold Folding Door 00
Multifold Folding Door 00
Serial NO: DEKDZM-0200
Brand Name: DEK
Opening Speed: 7-11 m/min
Temperature: -35℃---65℃
Place Of Origin: CHINA


Mainly consist of door leaf, load-bearing column, hinge, top track system, bottom track system, driving system, transmission, sealing system and automatic system; one way or two way push-pull can be selected as customer required.



1. Steel structure as the framework, general selection is Q235

2. Customer can choose color plate, aluminum plate, corrosion resistant plate, aluminum composite plate or PU plate as outside decoration;

3. Rope wheel and rope block can choose cast iron while traveling wheel choose cast steel;

4. Steel wire, safety parameter between 6 and 10;

5. Top track is steel frame composite structure;

6. Electrical component can choose reliable brand;

7. Driver choose specialized lifting motor, SEW motor, DEMAG, etc.



1. Take up little room when fold-up;

2. Install the driving system, automatic system and transmission at the same time, which shorten the installation period;

3. Load-bearing column is stable and have good guidance quality;

4. Door leaves are evenly distributed and beautiful;

5. All-rounded sealing

6. The door use conductor line for central power supply;

7. High safety parameter; stop block system; infrared system (optional)

8. Emergency power off, can switch to manual operation;


Technical Specifications

1. Opening speed: 7-11  m/min

2. Maximum size: width is unlimited; length≤20m

3. Operating voltage: 380V/50Hz

4. Operating temperature: -35℃---65℃

5. Wind-resisting capacity: according to local climate and customer requirement

6. Electrical motor and reduction box: domestic or import specialized lifting motor

7. Control system: SIEMENS PLC or other brands;

8. The door can properly function under the wind speed of 24m/s;

9. Electrical cabinet protection grade reaches IP55



Folding doors, with foldable door leaves, make full use of portal’s side space by folding the door leaves when open. Can apply to surroundings that are long-span and narrow on top; require the door takes up less room and have door chamber on one side or both sides of the opening.

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