Hydraulic Door 00
Hydraulic Door 00
Serial NO: DEKSZM-0300
Brand Name: DEK
Opening Speed: 6--9 m/min
Temperature: -35℃---65℃
Place Of Origin: CHINA


Overlapping door: multiple panels, articulated juncture, vertical lifting and panels gather under the floor or on top, maximum use of portal space; Hydraulic door: hydraulic drive single panel to the roof level; Bi-folding door: Consist of upper panel, lower panel, track, lifting system, sealing system and safety device; door operator is installed on lower panel; electric motor rotates the rolling block and change the length of lifting belt or steel wire, to realize door opening and closing.




1. Steel structure as framework, general selection is Q235. inside can be filled with heat insulation material, heat and sound insulation are good.

2. Customer can choose color plate, aluminum plate, corrosion resistant plate, aluminum composite plate or PU plate for outside decoration; or select day lighting form.

3. Electrical component can choose reliable brand;



1. hydraulic drive single panel to the roof level;

2. Running smooth, low noise, with sound-light notice

3. All-rounded sealing, well sealed, heat insulation, noise reduction;

4. High safety parameter, stop block system, infrared system (optional)

5. Realize electrical control;


Technical Specifications

1. Maximum measurement:width is according to user requirements.

2. Power Supply: 380V/50Hz

3. Installing a fall protection components.

5. Estimated Wind Load :≥700pa

6. Motors and reducer: Domestic and imported motors are optional.

7. Electric control box protection class is IP55 level

8. The sound insulation performance: > 40 db



Vertical bi-folding door can be applied to long-span opening, especially those with no extra space on both side, which widely used for small hangar, garage, restaurant and other long-span openings.

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