Accordion Folding Door 04
Accordion Folding Door 04
Serial NO: DEKFQM-04
OS: Manual or Electric
Brand Name: DEK
Place Of Origin: CHINA


Horizontal push and pull folding door, from a number of doors into a stable form of triangular connection, strong wind resistance, sealing effect is good, light weight, flexible operation, can be manually or electrically open and close.

Commonly used range
Industrial feed table; warehouse; the top and the hangar door by the high band width limit hole; the other door system can not realize the entrance
Maximum size
40m wide, 8m high
Door plank
The door panel width is 250-300 mm wide in pairs with each strut mounted in front of the blade to be hinged to the adjacent blade;
Door material is made of deep hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel plate. Door thickness is 0.8mm and 1.2mm optional.
Typical layout
According to the scene, the organ folding door can be divided into two types, one side or two sides;
All the non fixed edges are provided with a shrinking edge guiding post and an operating handle.
Accordion folding door can be manually operated, but also can be single phase electric or three-phase electric operation;
The electric folding door drive system torque limiting device allows the door to be damaged by a continuous chain drive system.
Equipped with standard folding door hasp lock.
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