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Congratulations DEK winning SHENGSHI Yacht the main hall ballroom doors project
2015/9/16 17:32:37

Congratulations DEK winning the nation’s largest SHENGSHI Yacht in 2015 (Zhongshan)for the main hall ballroom doors project


The project location God Bay town sharpening Island, planning total investment 95.1 million dollars, which land and the port pool facilities 32.56 million dollars, municipal landscape, and Jianan engineering and the early costs 62.54 million dollars; project accounted for to 1,242 acres, which port pool 450 acres, construction apartments hotel and the Club 200,000 square meters, yacht berth 615 pieces, project has included Zhongshan "Eleven-Five" planning, and Zhongshan tourism development general planning (2005-2020) major construction project.


This project will be built into new highlights of China’s Zhongshan city tourism, architecture and planning by the world famous Australia INTERNATIONAL MARINA CONSULTANTS PTY LTD contract. According to the building needs, our designed 4 sets door meets the design requirements of architects, after 1 year of pre-project consultation, exchanges and program confirmation.


Last by virtue of our technical strength and DEK professional rigor and innovative ideas to win the owners and designers recognized and accepted in early 2015 bid and in autumn in September signed a contract to enter the implementation phase.


This history moment is DEK milestone will records Annals. After the door built, breakthrough has the door of details design concept, covers has sliding door, and hidden door, and folding door, and side round door, and noise door, and side round folding door, and combination intelligent electric control of variety movement form, believes in future industrial door field and the has special needs of commercial field, DEK also can created history brilliant, for General customer provides quality full service, thanks for your share!

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