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Heavy sliding door series
2012/12/19 8:48:00

The heavy door products specifically for the industrial field and part of the design and manufacture of special make customer requested. The heavy doors are usually applicable to large industrial equipment, such as large hydro or thermal power equipment, large-scale shipbuilding or mining equipment, transport equipment, production, storage and maintenance site channel. As well as a large warehouse and repair of all types of civil and military aircraft between the channels.

Heavy doors several typical structure and mode of operation: a parallel moving door series: steel frame, insulation (flame retardant or fire) filling material and the surface (decorative) materials single fan or multiple fans Sliding Door System products . Type of gate operation modes: a parallel shift along the building wall. Movement in the form of points single fan unidirectional fan unidirectional, a fan bidirectional parallel shift, pan and steering sway. Bearer:

(1) Suspension (load-bearing), lower guide; way bearing on the characteristics: high strength carrier rails of the upper part of the door, carrying performance, high reliability and dynamic friction is small, turned on the light, smooth, open the door to start small torque, running noise low power consumption; flexible door bottom guide system installation, convenient and simple to adjust; door installation space is small, compact, easy to install; easy maintenance and low cost.

② support (load-bearing), the guide way. The door bearing from the bottom of the track, the top guide; According to the structural characteristics of the building, to the top of the door leaf number and storage space and Methods; durability, minimal maintenance, security and control is simple; adapt to a variety of insulation and the outer layer of the system.

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