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Airbus Publishes New 2013 Airplane Price List
2013/1/18 8:39:01

On Thursday, European planemaker Airbus released its official list of prices for all aircraft in its fleet in year 2013. The company noted that prices this year have risen about 3.6% on average versus 2011 levels, and have been effective since January 1, 2013.


Among the more notable figures, Airbus is pricing its conventionally engined A320 narrow-body aircraft at $91.5 million. This compares to Boeings (NYSE: BA  ) 737-800 narrow-body, for example, which costs $89.1 million at Boeings not-yet-updated 2012 price levels.


The new, re-engined A320neo lists at $100.2 million, which is almost identical to the sticker price on Boeings new 737 MAX 8 aircraft -- $100.5 million.


Among wide-body jets, Airbuss A330-200 jetliner costs $216.1 million on average, and its A330-300 costs $239.4 million. In each case, Airbuss offerings significantly underprice all variants within Boeings 777 family, the cheapest of which -- the 777-200ER -- averages $258.8 million.


On the other hand, Airbuss three tiers of A350 models fetch prices ranging from $254.3 million all the way up to $332.1 million. Relative to these prices, its hard to imagine how Boeings fuel-efficient 787 jets, costing $206.8 million for the 787-8 model and $243.6 million, can lose out on many sales to Airbus.


That is, it will be hard to imagine in the event Boeing can figure out a way to keep its 787s from bursting into flame.


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