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Airplane standards group calls for stricter battery testing in Boeing 787s
2013/1/29 8:53:08

New developments have come out in the problems surrounding Boeing 787s.

An airplane standards group has called for stricter testing on the lithium-ion batteries to prevent fires.

Fires on two planes this month grounded the fleet, and several countries are investigating what caused it.
That same recommendation came out five years ago.
Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Boeing and the Federal Airline Administration decided that design and testing of the plane was too far along, and the stricter standards would delay production too much.
Now they are analyzing what it would take to comply with those standards.
Boeing is still continuing with production as normal and even plans to double production by the end of the year.
Stopping production would be too expensive for Boeing and its suppliers.
One of the 787 assembly plants is in Charleston, S.C., but the planes that have had problems were made at the other plant in Seattle.

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