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More Recommendations for Reducing Santa Monica Airports Impact
2013/1/31 8:37:18

Santa Monicas Airport Commission has sent the City Council five additional recommendations for action to lessen Santa Monica Airports impact on surrounding residential areas.

One recommendation asks the city to serve notice that in 2015 the city will terminate existing leases and discontinue leasing space to aviation and industrial tenants "engaged in activities incompatible with neighboring land uses including the sale of aviation fuel and other hazardous materials."

Thats the year the city says its agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration to operate the airport in its current configuration will expire. The FAA, however, contends the true expiration date is 2023, and that another agreement compels the city to operate the airport "in perpetuity."

Another recommendation, similar to one the commission sent the council earlier this year, calls for the removal from aviation use "as soon as practicable after July 1, 2015" one of three parcels comprising the current airport. Its the 18.6-acre "1949 Quitclaim Parcel" at the airports west end that contains about 40 percent of the runway.

"These two recommendations are really critical to positioning the city to have more power to direct the future of the airport than any measures Ive seen up to now," commissioner Stephen Mark said of the lease termination and parcel removal recommendations.

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