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Domestic civil aircraft ARJ21 is expected to be delivered in 2014
2013/3/14 17:14:05

Plane is the most convenient means of transportation in recent years, with the continuous construction of the airport, the aircrafts are manufacturing one by one. Chinese Business Deputy General Manager Wu Guanghuirecently saidChinas first fully independent design and manufacture of turbofan regional jet- ARJ21 civil aircraft (70 to 90  seat level) ,which is expected to have its test flight , get an operating license  andthen be put into use.

Wu said, in fact, the models have already been successful tested in 2008. These years are in airworthiness certification stage and in 2012 the models were accepted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the United States Federal Aviation Administration in some key tests. But unfortunately, because of last years weather conditions, they failed to meet the project requirements such as extreme cold weather which were delayed until this year.

Yesterday, Wu also pointed out thatthe current development of the domestic regional aviation market was still weak. It is understood that the use of 70 turboprops and 50 types of aircrafts,andthe flight distance of 800 kilometers below the flight was called feeder transport. " The hub airport always show discrimination against turboprop aircraft for they generally do not allow or restrict the small plane to enter, which greatlyencroachthe operational rights ofdomestic turboprop engine route. "

Wu revealed, Xinzhou 60/600 plane at present is the domestic aviation industry is the only delivery operation of regional commercial aircraft. Though having delivered 80 aircraft operations, received 210 orders, it only takes 15 percent of the native market.

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