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Boeing delivered 1,000 aircrafts to China
2013/4/1 11:15:52
It is reported that Boeing and China Eastern Airlines Corp. (600115) held a special ceremony to celebrate the delivery of the 1,000 th Boeing aircraft to China in Seattle. The 1000th Boeing aircraft is a new generation of 737-800, with a significant improvement in passenger flight experience: Sky Interior and a peacock painted. 
    According to Raymond Connor, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing aircraft accounted for more than half of Chinas large civil aircraft operators and suppliers to provide spare parts for all active-duty civilian Boeing models, including the Boeing 737 , 747, 767, 777 and 787. So far, the Chinese partners have produced nearly 3000 vertical tails and more than 3000 horizontal stabilizers surface. At present, the main parts and components of over 7000 active Boeing aircraft in the world are made in China.

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