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Navigation Airport Will Be Built In Zhuhai
2013/8/14 11:17:13

Zhuhai general airport will make private flying more convenient

In order to solve the "private aircraft take-off difficult" problems, Zhuhai city recently held a meeting together, plan from the Doumen District Lian Zhou Zhen and Gaolan Port two spare location to choose the way of building a general aviation airport. "The airport site is expected to be released by the end of 10." Review the scene of a responsible person said, with the general aviation airport, when private aircraft will be more convenient, can pull the development of Zhuhai general aviation industry.

Private aircraft by the civil airport for a long time

Provide technical support for the location of the Beijing is a professional assessment of Institutional Firms responsible person told reporters in Nandu, the final location in 9 and October, finalized, from the declaration to the fastest need two. Nandu reporter learned that, after the short subject to general airport and the strict air management system, private aircraft need to borrow busy routes of civil airport, and usually at least one day in advance or even two days to apply, while in the United States and other developed countries, private aircraft heaven just two hours in advance can be declared, many industry people complain about the approval time is too long, Chinas private aircraft usually reduced to the furnishings, many private aircraft buyers are in urgent need of emergency flight or to take civil aviaton flight, which restricts the development of domestic general aviation industry, repressed civil purchasing private aircraft desire.

After completion, will also facilitate the caiga flight

Zhuhai general airport siting the moderator said, general after the completion of the airport, the equivalent of a private aircraft specially planned air path, but as for the future aircraft took off from a declaration to what can shorten much time, ultimately depends on the supporting system.

National Space Administration Committee responsible person previously expressed optimism that, along with the development of reform of low altitude airspace management and general airport flight, navigation can be shortened to 4 hours before the flight report.

 The responsible person also revealed, construction general airport not only for private aircraft buyers is a major positive, development will also boost the general aviation manufacturing industry, caiga is expected to have more than 20 general aviation aircraft off the assembly line and the test flight, but the last flight can only borrow the Zhuhai airport, the latter usually give priority to meet the civilian route, so that flight test work must be in the gap "civilian flights taking off and landing of the manner, the future airport built, time and quality test is a more powerful guarantee. 

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