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2013 Moscow Airshow Opening
2013/9/11 16:56:23

The official opening of the eleventh Moscow International Exhibition 27. The air show, host Russia showcased the latest Russian aerospace products enterprises in recent years, in order to show this platform to promote the further development of the Russian aerospace industry. Many Chinese airlines will also have the worlds leading aerospace products brought to Moscow air show and gained positive recognition of foreign counterparts.

The biennial Moscow International airshow has been founded for 20 years, now has become one of Russias international exhibitions important. This years show attracted a total of 44 countries more than 1000 exhibiting companies, the development history of a most exhibitors. The scale and the growing influence of Moscow airshow is highly concerned by the government of the Russian federation. This year the show on the first day, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev will visit the show site visit.

In the view of Medvedev, after 20 years of development, the Moscow air show has become the worlds most influential international aerospace exhibition, one of the most authoritative. He said: "as everyone knows, this years show more than 1000 exhibitors from all over the world, including many of the worlds aerospace giants such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Siemens, etc.. Of course, for us, to show you are also very important our Russian aerospace products."

Medvedev said, in recent ten years, the Russian aerospace industry has been a positive development, industrial scale doubled. Last year, the total income of the Russian aerospace enterprises reached 1 trillion rubles ($2 - trillion - yuan). In order to let the world know the status of the Russian aerospace industry, the air, the Russian exhibited developed in recent years new aerospace products. He said: "many of our products are the first public appearance. For example, business jet, Sukhoi companys "SuperJet-100" jet airliner, modernization of figure 204, the fifth generation fighter T50, as well as the latest helicopter and so on a series of new products. I hope our products can cause partners interested."

As Medvedev said, the show Russia exhibited a lot of new products of concern. Among them, still in the test stage of the fifth generation fighter planes in the air on the first day of T50 is beyond all expectations in the air in front of the audience for 15 minutes of flight performance. It is understood, in the days after the show, all kinds of commercial aircraft, military aircraft will be unveiled. The famous Russian aerobatic team -- the "warrior", "Yu Yan" and the Chinese Air Force aerobatic team "eight one" aerobatic team will be in the date from 30 public open day together for the audience to bring the wonderful performance. This will also become Chinas "eight one" flight demonstration team went abroad for the first time, performing in the foreign audience.

In the air, not only China "eight one" flight demonstration team debut, the most exhibitors came to the Chinese enterprise also is the. The Aerospace China -- the leading the Great Wall Industrial Group Limited has the Beidou navigation system, the long march rocket in the worldwide famous product. The Great Wall industrial group vice president Zhao Chunchao told reporters: "China space after 50 years of development, our R & D processing capacity of manufacturing capacity, are modern, our aerospace industry is also very complete. We want to through this exhibition deepened with the Russian space industry friends, the global aerospace industry friends know, play to their respective advantages, and jointly promote the development of human spaceflight."

The "main" aircraft repair Beijing Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation is the fifth debut in Moscow air show. In a traditional aerospace power expand aircraft repair business looks "display slight skill before an expert", actually otherwise. The executive secretary Zhu Xiao told reporters, they look at it is Russia is a transformation of the aviation market: "with Russia gradually introduce some Airbus, Boeing aircraft, the aircraft repair was carried out according to the current standard of international standards in the aviation industry. In turn provide our company in this service is in line with international standards, so it is suitable to a tendency of Russian aviation market to international standard from the past Soviet standards."

Reporters on the scene saw, Chinese boat look forward to stand before the request for information and interviews, the reporter in a continuous line of foreign firms. We can see, China Aerospace are products with excellent quality and reputation, has gradually grown into an important force in the global market.

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