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Airbus made " troposphere airship " concept can be applied to the North Pole
2014/1/10 9:31:49
It is reported that as the Arctic glaciers , growing environmental concerns, energy security threats and competition issues , recently renamed the new Airbus consortium proposed the concept of an executable task of monitoring long catamaran hybrid airship , the " troposphere airship "(Tropospheric Airship). The next three years the first manned airship prototype figure will appear over the Arctic.
It is learned that the airship 90 meters long , 60 meters wide , up to 7000 m altitude , far lower than the normal cruising altitude of jet airliners , and is capable of speeds of 60 to 150km or hanging carry seven tons of cargo in case of sustained flight 40 days , the number of tasks to perform efficient than helicopters or boats icebreaker . In addition, the airship can also be used, such as the recent trapped in Antarctic ice for the Russian research vessel Academician number Sao C Lyyski rescue mission .
In addition, the air airship design principles of statics and dynamics combined with the use of helium and fuselage wing catamaran connecting two pieces together for the airship to provide lift , and power is derived from a small diesel engine and propeller electricity.
Although Airbus did not indicate in the written document this, but it seems that the airship is the first aircraft to respond to questions about the Arctic glaciers and design, but also is expected to take between Europe and Asia to open up a shipping shortcut.

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