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A350XWB wide body aircraft to complete the extremely cold environment test in Ca
2014/2/13 14:54:46

An Airbus A350XWB XWB recently in Canada successfully completed the extremely cold environment test. During the test, Iqaluit local lowest temperature reached twenty-eight degrees Celsius below zero, a total of 48 Airbus experts participated in the test. Specific tests included: engine and APU start in cold, manifested in the low temperature environment test aircraft systems, low-speed taxiing and takeoff. In addition, MSN3 also plans to the local conducted a test flight.

A few days ago, MSN3 has just completed the test in Bolivia plateau. Since last year, the first flight in June up to now, MSN1 and MSN3 two A350XWB test aircraft has been in nearly 200 test flights completed a total of more than 900 flight hours of flight test. The future, will continue to have 3 A350XWB test aircraft to flight test team, they will work together to complete a total of 2500 hours of flight test mission. The first A350XWB XWB will complete the evidence in the third quarter of this year, the fourth quarter to start the user Qatar airways. 

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