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The MH370 lost aircraft are most likely to fly to South India ocean direction
2014/3/20 11:55:17

Reuters: the MH370 lost aircraft are most likely to fly to South Indiaocean direction


In new network on 19 March, according to Reuters reported, according to the MH370 lost aircraft survey sources said, the investigators believe that, "most likely" aircraft flew to India ocean direction.


The source said, the investigation focused on the plane to fly to southern corridor, according to further speculation, the aircraft should fly to the southern end of the corridor.


Malaysiaauthorities said 15th , Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost, the aircraft should be at the two corridors on both sides of India Ocean: North line is from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan border to northern Thailand in the northern zone; the south is from  Indonesia to southern India Ocean south zone. At present, more than 20 countries have along an arc zone launched a search operation, in order to find the plane early.


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