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USA Florida town each has a private jet (Figure)
2014/5/9 10:33:57

In American Florida a beautiful scenery, quiet secluded villa residential areas, located in different style houses, and every house in front of all park with 1 frames or 1 aircraft. The front of the housing road tidy wide, and through a complete repair runway adjacent to residential, the runway from time to time there will be aircraft taking off or landing. Some aircraft are almost all the residential villa owners of private car owners, every day is from the front of the aircraft, the runway after take-off to its destination, return after landing here, return to their own house. Here is the most famous American aviation town of Spruce Creek scene of everyday life.

Spruce Creek is the largest, the most typical Americaaviation town (Airpark). Although the general Airpark for residential, but in order to distinguish between industrial type Airpark, and the Spruce Creek aviation town called residential aviation town (Residential Airpark). In the American, now there are hundreds of residential type aviation town like Spruce Creek.


Here is the first of a life homeland. Like ordinary residential areas, where houses are mostly owners usually living home, rather than do commercial purposes. But different from the traditional residential area, the aviation town in addition to providing the needed in the daily life of facilities, must also be built facilities essential flight required, such as the airport, runway, taxiway, apron, parking, even flying club, restaurant etc.. Let the flight became a part of people life indispensable, it is the core value of residential air town. So the aviation town is also known as the "flying community" (Fly-in community).

There is no doubt, have been in the aviation town home or think most of the people who live here are very fond of flying, precisely because of this, the aviation town is also known as the "pilot house". Here has a very strong cultural atmosphere and flight flight. The people who live here, because the flight this common interest and expertise, the neighborhood relations are very friendly and close. They can be together at the weekend driving machine to a resort, can also share their flight experience and story in the afternoon tea time or community activities, and in the flying skills, aircraft repair, flight safety, give each other advice and assistance.


Flight community life calm but not dull, community homeowners in addition to flying activities, usually to community organizations of various clubs, and there are many opportunities for other outdoor activities, such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and so on, these activities need to be the location of the community surrounding environment and community facilities.

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