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China priority to the development of aerospace and other 10 major industries in
2014/6/19 14:45:12

ChineseAcademy of Engineering Zhou Ji, the 3rd raise in the next 10 years, China to give priority to the development and breakthroughs in key 10 key industries, including electronic communications, aviation, aerospace, marine, rail transportation, power generation and power transmission, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, appliances, automotive, industrial development in order to support sustained and coordinated economic and social development.


Jointly organized by UNESCO, the International Council of Engineering and Technology Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, the theme of "Engineering Technology, and the future of humanity," the 2014 International Conference of Engineering Science and Technology held the same day in Beijing Great Hall of the thrust of the report, alms do "project Technology and Chinas modernization, "said this when the subject report.


He believes that, from a global perspective, a new round of industrial revolution is deepening, it is the depth of the integration of information technology and manufacturing, digital network based on intelligent manufacturing as the core technology, while integrating new energy, new materials, bio-technology and other aspects of the technological breakthrough triggered a new round of industrial revolution, mankind will have a fundamental impact on economic activity and social life.


"The newround of industrial revolution and China to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode to form a historic intersection, which is the modernization of Chinas great challenges, but also great opportunities." At present, China can be a new round of industrial revolution by mastering core technology, relying on scientific and technological innovation projects, after playing the advantage, in a relatively short period of time to catch up with the advanced level of developed countries, will greatly accelerate the process of modernization of Chinese industry.


Zhou Jisaid, engineering technology directly links with the industrial development of scientific discoveries together, become the main driving force of Chinas economic and social development. "We want to deepen the science and technology system, promote closer integration of technology and economic, scientific and technological innovation to seize the works of this critical industrial engineering, industrial chain deployed around the innovation chain, improve the innovation chain around the capital chain, to complete the engineering innovations as quickly as possible and market-oriented industrialization, really into practical productive forces. "


Engineering and technical talentis the creator of Engineering Technology is the backbone of the national economic construction. Since the reform and opening up, with the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country, the rapid development of engineering education in China, and now the annual training engineers, agronomists, doctors 350 million, the number of engineering and technical personnel has more than 40 million people, which is Chinas scientific and technological progress and social development a solid foundation. He said, "We want to further strengthen engineering education and continuing education, training a large number of top-notch creative talents, training tens of thousands of engineering and technical talent, talent training hundreds of millions of engineering skills."

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