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The tenth session of the Zhuhai air show Chinese grand opening
2014/9/25 10:21:59

The tenth session of the Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese air show) will be held on November 11, 2014 to 16 inGuangdong Province, Zhuhai city held a grand. The air show by the peoples Government of Guangdong Province, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese Council for the promotion of international trade, civil aviation bureau, China Chinese peoples Liberation Army Air Force, Chinese Aviation Industry Corp, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation, China South Industries Group Corporation, China Poly Group Corp, jointly sponsored, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, Zhuhai air show limited company to undertake.


China air show is the only approved by the State Council on the biennial held in Zhuhai, with a flight demonstration of comprehensive international aerospace exhibition, which belongs to the "state action", to display, trade negotiations, academic exchanges and flight performance as the main features. So far, the exhibition has been successfully held nine sessions, has now developed into a set of trade, professional, ornamental as a whole, represent the mainstream of todays international aviation and aerospace industry advanced technology, show the level of current world aerospace industry development international event, among the worlds famous air show list. This year is the ten anniversary Chinese air show, Chinese air show is eighteen year old rite, to this end, the State Post Bureau has approved the release in November 11th two gold national commemorative stamps.


The show of indoor and outdoor exhibition area, exhibition area, exhibitors and exhibitors net plane number of countries are more than the previous, reaching a record high, air show internationalization, specialization, marketization level further enhance.

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