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2015 Xinjiang build and extension of the seven airports
2015/2/5 10:51:28

Heart of Asia Network (reporter Yu Huiru correspondent yetao reports) on January 14, reporters learned from the Xinjiang airport group in 2015, while new and extension 7 airports in Xinjiang construction project. Among them, fuyun airport flight area, Hami airport renovation and expansion project will be completed and cast; qiemo airport, hotan airport expansion project scheduled to be completed with a total investment of over 90%; Korla airport renovation and expansion project scheduled to be completed with a total investment of 55%; Yarkand, ruoqiang new airport project under construction.

According to reports, the new fuyun airport will be put into use this year, the airport is located southwest of Highway 226 turnouts with the 216 State road for about 3.5 km, straight-line distance is about 21 km from Central fuyun County, fuyun County, on March 30, 2012 at the popular broad-laagen sites built. Airport passenger throughput to meet the 2020 year 160,000 passengers, landing 2540 sorties, cargo and mail handling capacity 350 tons of immediate objectives, in 2030 and 5000 year 350,000 passengers in passenger throughput, arrivals and departures, cargo throughput of 800 tons of long term goals.

Hami airport expansion projects include the expansion of runways, apron expansion, new access road at the eastern end, expansion of the East end of the runway to turn ping, the new East-side blast ping meteorological, navigational lights and navigation and other related facilities.

Extension project of Korla airport project includes new terminal building 25,000 square meters; apron flight expansion, increasing 7 c-type seat, apron area of 46,000 square meters, new taxiway a liaison; supporting new parking 9500 square meters; and extension related facilities such as air traffic control tower, fire and rescue Center.

Shache new civil airport projects is expected to start this year, is the regions civil aviation "Twelve-Five" one of the key construction projects, scale of projects approved for the airport flight zone grade and 4C, the new runway of 3000 m x45 m and an airport building area of 3000 square meters, 4 apron berths (4C), supporting the construction of communications, navigation, weather and other ancillary facilities.

Ruoqiang loulan orientation for domestic civil airports regional airport, is mainly responsible for extension from air transport, general aviation flights. Sites located in ruoqiang County, West of Wu Mu Xiang xitati village on the West side of the tower. Flight area designed according to 4C standard, create a pair of 2800 m runway, Terminal handle up to 120,000 visitors meet the 2020, cargo throughput of 480 tons of targeted design, Terminal with a total area of 3000 square meters.

After large-scale construction, view of the internal airport development has grown from 10 to 16, has become the countrys largest number of civil airports in Xinjiang Province.

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