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Building specs Opening pattern Take-up space Characteristic Best option
Portal of any size Horizontal sliding Take up door pocket when installed in-house; take up no inner space the way around Lower load-bearing,and the guides installed on the top;Various structures,single track, multiple track for track type,the door could be double leaves / multiple leaves;The moving mode have one side,bilateral,interworking moving;The door can realize single and centralized control. Sliding Door
Portal of any size, narrow headroom and layer damand Vertical lifting Take up no inner space Light and take up no inner space; connected by flexible tracks; high wind resistance; coated with PVC and has a good performance of anti-solarization, rain and snow proof, sound absorption, noise reduction, flame retardant, heat preserving, gas defense, moisture proof, etc; higher safety parameter, with fall-arrest mechanism; Fabric Lifting Door
S&M size portals Vertical folding Take up no inner space According to design, vertical bi-folding door is lifted by several lifting belts which round the cylinders on the same axial;Running smooth, low noise, with sound-light notice;All-rounded sealing, well sealed, heat insulation, noise reduction;High safety parameter, stop block system, infrared system (optional); Vertical Bi-folding Door

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