Lean Production

2012-11-27 16:15:04 

Zhuhai DEK Industrial Door Co.,Ltd, striving to develop a door with high cost performance for customer, provide all-round service from design, technology, purchase, process, installation, training, maintenance and technical support.

♦ Design Using specialized steel structure for pre-design, analyse the loading condition, make sure the stability of toughness and strength; automaticalized design take into fully account that the door is use-friendly, fast and safe; strict design shorten the installation circle; the whole procedure is in strict accordance with technical examination.

 ♦ Purchase In strict accordance with ISO9001 certification, to ensure 100% pass rate; the unqualified products should re-process by factory.

 ♦ Produce In strict accordance with ISO9001 certification, base on technical process and international standard, meet the design requirement and ensure 100% pass rate.

 ♦ Installation In strict accordance with the design drawings, installation the process guidance manual installation, feedback correction in time, and included in the record of the quality management system, improve product Atlas archive to ensure product safety and integrity.

 ♦ Maintenance Emphasize on safety and proper use, provide free training, technical support is on called 24/7.

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