Service Commitments

2012-11-30 16:03:36 

DEK’s team offer you professional large-size industrial door solution services, including consulting, solution, design, fabrication, machining, refurbishment, shipping, installation and technical support. 

We are prepared to discuss available options and make recommendations based on our years experience and the current building requirements. Once a door system has been selected, DEK can provide the necessary specification information to the design team to ensure that the desired standard of quality is met. 

Let us take you through each stage of the process, ensuring your door system is not only reliable and well-built but also fits your unique specifications. We help clients with the following: 

♦Identifying the specific functions and requirements for each door; 

♦Documenting the specifications for the building process; 

♦Providing detailed budget analysis and proposals. 

♦Complying with engineering &electrical requirements for each specific job;

♦Providing large-size industrial door inspections and written evaluations; 

For integrated service of fine industrial door design, fabrication and installation, DEK is doing the best.


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